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Britain's best art exhibitions for 2023

Britain’s cultural offering has plenty to capture the imagination, here’s the must-see exhibitions this year for art lovers.

The Rossettis, Tate Britain

When: 6 April – 24 September 2023

Unlock the stories of the Rossetti generation, part of the secret society of painters, the Pre-Raphaelites. Believing that art should be created as it’s seen, the revolutionary artistic approach can be explored immersively through spoken poetry and paintings. View Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s iconic works in the largest exhibition of its kind in two decades, and for the first time in history, admire all of Elizabeth Siddal’s surviving paintings, drawings and watercolours together in one space.

Isaac Julien, Tate Britain

When: 26 April – 20 August 2023

A celebration of Turner prize-nominated artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien lands at Tate Britain. Displaying film and television works from his early days in the 1980s through to modern day creations, this is his first major exhibition in Britain.

Hilma af Klint and Piet Mondrian, Tate Modern

When: 20 April – 3 September 2023

A fusion of abstract art and the natural world, two modern artists are brought together for this exhibition filled with shapes and complex designs. Despite never meeting, Swedish painter Hilma af Klint and Dutch artist Piet Mondarin shared an interest in the earth and its natural beauty. 2023 sees the Tate Modern bring both artists’ works together to show an abstract exhibition of natural proportions.

Capturing the moment, Tate Modern

When: 14 June 2023 – 28 January 2024

Celebrating paintings and photography through the past 80 years, Tate Modern presents Capturing the moment. Featuring artistic icons Lucian Freud and Andy Warhol, through to modern day painters Michael Armitage and Nijdeka Akunyili Crosby, and photographers such as Jeff Wall and Hiroshi Sugimoto, this exhibition focuses on specific moments in time and the influence of modern painting on photography.

JMW Tuner with Lamin Fofana: Dark Waters, Tate Liverpool

When: Until 4 June 2023

Be immersed into the sounds and scenes of Dark Waters, as JMW Turner’s seascape works come together with an environmental soundscape created by Lamin Fofana. The exhibition includes some of Turner’s most renowned works, including Snow Storm: Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth and A Disaster at Sea, alongside Fofana’s atmospheric composition.

Turner Prize 2023, Towner Eastbourne When: 28 September 2023 – 14 January 2024 Eastbourne’s bold and bright Towner Gallery will host the presentation of the Turner Prize 2023. The exhibition showcases four shortlisted artists, with the winner set to be announced on 5 December 2023. The Turner Prize 2023 is the centrepiece of Towner Eastbourne’s year-long centenary celebrations, known as Towner 100. Tartan, V&A Dundee When: From 1 April 2023 Uncover the story behind the unique design of iconic Scottish fabric Tartan at Dundee’s V&A. From tradition to diversity, tartan has been a staple in Scotland’s history – discover its impact at the exhibition curated by V&A Dundee and Jonathan Faiers, one of several exhibitions marking V&A Dundee’s fifth anniversary. The Rules of Art?, National Museum Cardiff When: Until 4 June 2023 Step into 500 years of art, photography, ceramics and film at Rules of Art?, part of Cardiff’s National Museums Extra Time openings, open late until 9pm on the first Thursday of each month. Bringing together creators work that challenge the concept of art and rules, expect works featured from Pablo Picasso, John Akomfrah and Caroline Walker. DIVA, V&A London When: 24 June 2023 – 7 April 2024 A homage to the power of creativity, the V&A presents a celebration of performers and megastars through to classic opera singers. Exploring what it means to be a DIVA, the exhibition takes in the worlds of fashion, film, photography, costume design, music and more. Visitors can witness how the diva-era has intersected society on their way to uncovering what it takes to be a diva. Inspiring People, National Portrait Gallery When: From 2023 As part of an expansive project, Inspiring People is transforming London’s National Portrait Gallery, supporting the development of new spaces and fresh ways to present its Collection. Set to open in 2023, the programme includes a new public entrance, learning centre and the redisplaying of the gallery’s entire collection. Artists making books: poetry to politics, British Museum When: Until 17 September 2023 Look beyond the cover, and visitors can uncover a wealth of literary genius at the British Museum. Exploring the history of expression, the exhibition is set to display pieces that represent the relationship between an artist and their influences. Shown via the medium of books, expect pieces from Lebanese artist Abed Al Kadiri and Iraqi artist Kareem Risan, among many others. The Lost Rhino, Natural History Museum When: From 16 December 2022 The Lost Rhino uses technology to explore themes around conservation and extinction. Come face-to-face with The Substitute, a digital recreation of a life-sized northern white rhino from artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. With only two northern white rhinos left on earth, the exhibition explores the idea of allowing the species to survive digitally forever. Expect a hyper-realistic recreation, with accompanying sounds, rhino behaviours and movements. Injecting Hope: The Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine, Science Museum When: 30 November 2022 – 7 January 2024 Visitors can look back to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the race to create a vaccine at London’s Science Museum. Showcasing the race to tackle the pandemic, the exhibition uses artworks, interactives and objects to examine the virus and the vaccine.

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